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North Jersey’s Industrial Roofing Professionals

When it comes to getting reliable insulation and weather protection for your business, there’s no better choice in North Jersey than the professionals at Above It All Roofing. Our team of silicone roofing technicians has over 30 years of experience and 15 years of working with our signature polyurethane roofing system. We can expertly apply an effective spray foam roofing solution that’s light, durable, eco-friendly, and moisture resistant. We also offer silicone coating systems, EPDM and TPO roof systems, modified bitumen roof systems, and commercial roofing restorations and repairs. Contact us today for more information.

Our signature polyurethane roofing system:

Our polyurethane roofing system is designed to protect any building from moisture, mold, mildew, fire, and weathering by offering a durable two-layer silicone membrane that also provides effective insulation and energy efficiency. This silicone roofing system is 95% solid once applied, and won't degrade from UV light or outdoor exposure. All of our roofing solutions come with a lifetime product warranty. Keep your business protected from the worst weathering by contacting us today for a no-obligation roofing estimate.

Qualified commercial roofing installations in New Jersey:

Professionals handle reliable commercial roofing repair and installations best, and you won't find a more experienced company than Above It All Roofing to handle your needs. We specialize in silicone roof sealants, polyurethane roof installations, and affordable roofing restorations. We have over three decades of experience with commercial roofing applications, and we can suggest a durable and weather resistant roofing solution to meet your needs based on your preferences and your budget. We serve the communities of North Jersey, Morris County, and all of the Tri-State region. Call us today to learn how we can best serve you.

Professional Roofing Services for Residential Customers

Above It All Roofing has grown to become a leading installer of residential roofing systems in the area. Our Team is committed to providing the highest quality roofing systems as well a high level of service that is unmatched by the competition. We strive to provide each homeowner with knowledge of roofing products and the process of installing a new roof system. Our skilled craftsmen will install high-quality, long-lasting roof that will enhance the appearance of your home.  


Above It All Roofing Services offers a large selection of shingle styles, colors, and manufacturers. We are a credentialed installer for GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed products. 

Above It All Roofing’s residential roofing specialists will guide the homeowner through the process and help in making the right roofing choices based on cost, durability and the desired appearance. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and show you the difference in using Legacy Roofing!


If you suspect your current roof may have wind or hail damage from a recent storm call us immediately to help you.

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