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North Jersey’s Silicone Roofing Specialists

If you run a factory or industrial complex and need the most lightweight and reliable external roof coating, our signature single layer silicone roofing system is an exceptional product that can not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Designed to fill in cracks, blisters, and seams, this spray-applicated membrane is highly rated against heat and cooling loss, and offers effective durability and resistance to moisture without leaks or ponding. Our team of technicians has over 30 years of experience, and we can affordably apply it to your business with no hassle to you. 

The key advantages of using a silicone roofing system:

  • Silicone is permanent and will not degrade, chalk or crack under harsh UV rays

  • Silicone forms a seamless membrane that withstands permanent ponding water without softening

  • Silicone creates a smooth surface that offers excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining

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